Fabulous chickpea and tahini dip. Very simple to make, healthy and very delicious.

The first time you make hummus yourself it will no doubt taste slightly different from any store bought dip. The great thing about hummus is it is very easy to alter the recipe slightly to suit your taste. This is a fairly basic recipe and a great base.





Place all ingredients into a food processor and blitz!

You may need to add a little more liquid, water is fine or chicken stock.

It will take some time of blending to get a smooth paste.

Serve with a dash of olive oil, finely chopped coriander, or ground paprika.


Once I have blended everything well, taste.

From the texture, you may find it is too thick or taste is not quite right.





Personally, I keep a small amount of tahini paste, 1 tbls of lemon juice, 10 mls water and about 10 mls of oil aside.

The last time I made hummus my jar of tahini had been in my fridge for some time and was quite thick and strong in taste, I used slightly less then I have in the paste. I like a strong citrus taste and may add more lemon.

When blending I quite like a bit of texture. My hummus generally will not be as smooth as store bought. This may be off-putting if you and your family are used to a smoother blend. This is something you can control

Remember there are no preservatives so your homemade hummus will only keep a few days in the refrigerator

Suitable to freeze also.

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